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The Best Medical Universities in Turkey

Turkish medical universities offer their educational services to applicants from all over the world. The main advantages are the relatively low cost of medical education in Turkey and the diploma received is recognized throughout the world. You can also study for free in Turkish medical schools if you pass the admission exams with a high score.

Hacettepe University

Since the history of the establishment of Hacettepe University dates back to the creation of the Institute of Children's Health and the opening of the Children's Hospital, today the Faculty of Medicine of the University is considered to be the best one in Turkey, it has many awards from TÜBİTAK. The main campus of the university is also a medical center with operating hospitals. This means you'll get a chance to have not only theory but practice too. To be sure you can easily and quickly cope with your assignment, writing help service may be an excellent solution.
University Hacettepe campuses have 95 research centers, laboratories, research teams, projects, and a technopolis. Students can express themselves in art - the university has a State Conservatory and a cultural center. Sports championships in kickboxing and billiards are also held. There are many student clubs at the university: martial arts, astronomy, archeology, dance, cyclists, biological, theater, photography, economics and management, skiing, etc.

Erciyes University Kayseri

Some faculties of the university are internationally accredited and meet modern educational standards: Faculty of Engineering (7 specializations), Faculty of Medicine and Nursing, and Pharmaceutical. The Faculty of Medicine is the most popular one; the university has several hospitals and medical centers.
There are 39 research centers, many laboratories, scientific projects. Students show themselves in various cultural events, concerts, and festivals. The educational institution has 140 clubs: science, sports, hobbies, art, dancing, etc. To be a socially active student you might need some help with your homework. The best way to get high grades is to order papers at some professional writing service. For example, you can read speedypaper.com review to know what other students think about such assistance.

Istanbul University

The university is strong in Medical faculties (Istanbul and Jerrahpasha), Dentistry, Management, Veterinary medicine. There are research centers, laboratories, International and European Design Center, Technokent. Istanbul University is not only a platform for the manifestation of academic success in the field of higher education but also in other areas. Also, sports clubs in football, basketball are organized, competitions are held between students. The educational institution has about 100 student clubs of interests: science, sports, hobbies, art, dancing, etc.
The scholarship program for foreigners is possible through admission to the Turkey Scholarships program, under which students can receive free education in Turkey. For all students, there are scholarship opportunities for academic success, special rector's scholarships, etc.

Marmara University

The strongest and most popular faculties of Marmara University are Medical, Dentistry, Engineering, Technology, Science, and Economics and Management. The international recognition of the educational standards of the educational institution played an important role.
Marmara University is included in the European exchange program Erasmus + (Training and Internships). The International Student Exchange Program Mevlana, as well as bilateral international agreements between educational institutions, also operate. Being a part of such a university is a great honor and responsibility. To be sure you will successfully graduate and not fail, use services like https://papercoach.net to get help with homework. Thus, you'll have a high score and be a model student.
Turkey is a comfortable place to study, with a large number of higher education institutions. The list contains the most prestigious medical universities in which international students can study.